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The Nargis Dutt Cancer Foundation, established in 1981, is a non-profit and charitable organization (501c3) committed to improving medical care in the Indian subcontinent. This Foundation supports the advanced training of physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, purchases medical equipment in the USA and donates it to those who will use it most effectively in India for the treatment of poor cancer patients.

The legendary actress, Ms Nargis Dutt, who, when treated for cancer in New York, was sensitive to all those people in India who were suffering from cancer and could not afford medical attention. In the remaining months of her life, Ms Dutt set forth goals that were focused on improving medical services in India. In 1972, she started the first school for handicapped children in Mumbai (www.nrcissi.org). Unfortunately, Ms Dutt did not live long enough to witness all her dreams being turned into reality, but her work has been carried forth by her devoted husband, the well known and talented actor, Mr Sunil Dutt.

The Foundation work of Mr Dutt flows from a life time dedication to serving humanity while promoting work for peace, within and beyond the subcontinent. Mr Dutt's devotion and generosity has been manifested in ways. It includes the initiation (with the blessing of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) of the Ajanta Arts Welfare Troupe, which raised funds for the Bihar Relief Fund, the organization of international conferences on drugs and AIDS awareness and prevention, fund raising for earthquake victims in Maharashtra, and most recently helping cricketer Imran Khan in raising 100,000 pounds for cancer hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

Mr Dutt has served several terms in Parliament. Among the many awards that he has received for his humanitarian work are the "Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Award" for international peace, communal harmony, unity and national integration and the "Order of the People" award from the All Indian Artist Association. As Mr Dutt has himself stated, "The Cancer Foundation in the USA has become a pioneer charitable organization that bridges the emotional gap between the Indians living abroad and those in India. Though Indians have settled in every part of the world, it is for the first time that such concerted effort has been made to establish a Foundation which channels the resources of the entire expatriate Indian Community and their American friends for one common goal to upgrade medical care in India.”

In 1981 Mr Dutt established the first Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation in New York. Since then the Foundation has grown to 10 plus chapters across the world with their main office in Mumbai, India (www.ndmct.org) The Chapters are autonomous bodies functioning independently and all the Presidents, Board Members and Executive team volunteer their invaluable time to the noble cause.


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Did u Know? :
# In India, officially more than 5 lakh people are known to die of cancer every year but unofficially millions of people lose their battle.
# cancer kills more people than AIDS, TB & Malaria put together|
# globally, 1 in 8 deaths occur due to cancer.
# every 7 mins cancer kills 1 person.
# everyone of us is susceptible to cancer every day & every second.

* 60% of cancer can be cured and 75% of death can be prevented if detected early.
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